Development and Project Management was established on 16 November 2015 and is one of the ten (10) sections in MADA. The main function of this division is to provide all engineering services to MADA to implement socio-economic development in Muda area.
This section includes three branches, namely:
  • Project Management Infrastructure NKEA
  • Planning and Development
  • Local Plan Development, Technical Services and Land Management


Branch of Project Management Infrastructure NKEA was established to manage implementation of the Irrigation Tertiary System Development Project for 128 irrigation block involved under the NKEA program (Agriculture) EPP 10. Among the functions of this branch is to check / confirm the proposal for alignment infrastructure of irrigation and drainage  tertiary and land acquisition plans of each by a party of consultants and surveyors so that they meet the needs of the onsite. This branch also serves to manage and process the payment of compensation of land acquisition, thus enabling the construction work can be implemented.

Planning and Development Branch was established to develop infrastructure of irrigation and drainage in the Muda area so that it is on par with the infrastructure that is in others granary. The additional functions of this branch include planning, design implementation, supervise the work in the area of infrastructure development at Muda Area.

Local Planning Branch, Technical Services and Land Management was established to monitor developments in the Muda area of which run by PBT and other agencies and provide service advisory to the city council / county in planning city drainage system. Additionally, this branch also monitors the status of land ownership usefulness MADA.

MADA programs and activities have now been changed where agricultural activities are oriented of modern technology and eco-friendly has become a priority. Accordingly, the structure of Development Division and Project Management  has been expanded to give greater emphasis to the development and modernization of civil engineering services.



The leader to a infrastructure development service of irrigation and drainage in the paddy industry in Muda area.



Modernize paddy Industries and Agro-based Industries in the Muda area through the development infrastructure of irrigation and drainage as well as transfer of latest technology to the target group.



  • Designing and implementing infrastructure development of irrigation and drainage in the Muda area.
  • Providing technical advisory in respect of development projects in the Muda area to the agencies / departments of government and the private sector.
  • Ensuring Support Services conducted with efficient and systematic to complete the  current
    organization requirement.



  • Designing and implementing development projects of  tertiary irrigation system in Muda area.
    Planning, designing and implement development projects and infrastructure rehabilitation
    irrigation and drainage of MADA.
  • Contract management, updating data bases Malaysia Plan budget, preparation of financial
    reports and monthly performance.
  • Update and provide documents and contract specifications for development work.
  • Provide advisory services engineering related to all infrastructure development projects in Muda area.
  • Provide advice to the One Stop Centre (OSC) be related development project in the Muda area.
  • Perform administrative services and financial management division.



Our commitment is to provide professional engineering services and quality. To that end, we will: –

  • Planning and implementing infrastructure development projects with the allocation within the prescribed period.
  • Prepare contract documents signed within 4 months from the date of contract deals.
  • Provide payment vouchers within 7 days after receipt of the statement of claim payments
  • Provide technical review to Local Authorities, Agencies / Departments of the Government
    and the private sector in the next 14 days.



1   2

 Before Construction                                     After Construction


After Construction


4  5

During Construction


After Construction


   7    Existing Tandop Very Old


8  9

                During Construction                                          During Construction

10  During Construction

11   13

                    After Construction                                        After Construction


1. Tertiary canals (Concrete)

14   15

    Before                                                                      After

 2. Parit Tersier (Land)

16   17

      Before                                                                 After

 3. Estate Road

18   19

Before                                                                   After