Assalamualaikum wbt.

Thank God, my all give the highest praise to God for His grace and generosity whatever I can deliver ink MADA said on the Web site for the year 2017.

Good if I start the ink word with congratulations and thanks to all the staff in their hard work for you in the exercise of religious work with the utmost seriousness and responsibility in order to ensure the improvement of living standards of farmers and increase rice yields are at a level of excellence throughout the year 2016 gone.

Now we are in 2017 and I expect that in 2017 this is a very challenging 366 days. Citing a speech by the Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia where he has outlined what needs to be directed by civil servants ensure the continuity of government more effective and maintain prosperity and security of the people; Among those things is thinking creative and innovative in carrying out any duties.

What is meant by performing the task in a creative and innovative it is we need to use all the potential, the capacity and expertise to ensure the success of an outstanding job and never take the easy way. Therefore, I call on all citizens MADA so keep in enhancing the knowledge, expertise and professionalism, so that we will be prepared fully to overcome all the challenges in our duties and responsibilities as members of MADA.

I sincerely hope, all the success that has been achieved in the years prior to this will be the first enhanced level of excellence and is able to be proud of by all the citizens of MADA.

On this occasion, I express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to the Members of the Board of Directors of MADA, the General Manager and the management team, officers and employees of the Forest Research Institute which has given full commitment in coordinating and implementing development programs in the area young.

High-level award is also entrusted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries, Government Agencies, State Government Kedah, Perlis State Government and all partners MADA cooperation in the agricultural sector and agro-based industry in Muda area.

Thank you.

YB Dato’ Wira Othman bin Aziz
Deputy Minister of Finance 1 and Chairman of MADA