MADA Homestay Kampong Jeruju
Unpretentious 20 minutes drive from the city of Alor Setar will take you to the village MADA Homestay Jeruju to experience village life with its friendly, family farms where you will be staying with them to experience the village life is like you are in your own home.
20 houses have been renovated and family farmers are licensed to receive tourists and visitors to feel and experience the real life in the village.



                          Jeruju Homestay welcomes visitors to the village                     Beautiful scenery in Jeruju

For just from RM120 per person per night, awaiting you is the sun-setting calm blue sea and vastly spread paddy-fields with its natural green beauty during planting and its golden hues at harvesting. A host of nature-based adventures are for you to take.
Visit the blue ocean for fishing or just for enjoyment, or you can with the villagers to provide food for dinner, or head to the seafront restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved ones with attractive backdrop of the sunset on the eastern horizon.
Bring back a thousand memories of life with family farmers in MADA Homestay Kampong Jeruju.



  Experience life in the village! Please come and enjoy an exciting experience in Jeruju Homestay.

For more information and reservations, please contact PPK F2 MADA Jerlun
+604-7940-263 or Rusli +6013-4600-720 or Izzat +6019-5898-983