Heavy rains since late in the Forest Village allows farmers to sow crops continued wet technique practiced as before.

ALOR SETAR – Heavy rains since late around Hutan Kampung mercy to farmers in the area as the plant can perform direct seeding wet technique as practiced before.

Previously, the Muda Agricultural Development Authority (Mada) ordered all farmers practice direct seeding cultivation technique of dry because the water supply problem faced since last year.

Abd Razak Bahari , 60, said the order had already been dealt with the  farmers there after they plowed field and continue to perform techniques that are required by the authorities.

“It’s dry direct seeding technique poses a problem because after doing so, a rice seed which grow very disappointing too far from each other. This caused many of the peasants decided had sprinkled it all over again.

“However, heavy rains since late this cause their fields began to be filled with water. This augurs well for farmers to be able to switch back plant engineering as before, “he said.

According to him, the direct seeding technique dried plants pose a risk to farmers during sowing rice as it was still burgeoning.

“It caused a lot of seeds that do not grow and farmers are forced to buy it back.

“Compared with the direct seeding technique wet seeds, seedlings sown a few days ago. When farmers seeds sprinkled it certainly will grow and this does not pose a high risk to farmers, “he said.

Take Nazri, 56, said farmers are very grateful that there no longer expect water from Mada.

He said at first he did plant engineering as recommended by Mada but a few days later all damaged seed rain flooded.

“Maybe this year relatively short dry season. After heavy rain it allows us to do the technique as before, “he said.

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