1. Density And Growth Of Paddy Plants For Overall Muda Areas
For the year 2016 the density reached was 201,239 hectares (199.9%) for two crop seasons. The area of paddy plantation in Season 2/2015 is 100,636 hectares and the area of paddy season 1/2016 is 100,603 hectares. In 2016 there are still 131 hectares of rice that are not planted. The density data of 2016 is as follows:

2. Average Gross Output And Paddy Production For Overall Muda Area
The average gross revenue performance in 2016 compared with 2015 showed an increase of 478 kg (7.7%). In 2016, the average yield was 6.194 tonnes / hec while in 2015 the average yield was 5.725 tonnes / hec. Detailed information is as follows: –

The 2/2015 and Off-season 2/2015 Season outcome trends for 2016 are found to be more stable than in the 2/2014 Summer Season and Outside Season 1/2015 for 2015. For 2016 the outcome outcome for the Season and Outside Seasons is almost balanced, this helps to contribute to the increase of state rice productivity.

The results statistics show results in 2016 are the highest compared to the previous year. The difference in paddy production for 2016 and 2015 is 125,557 tonnes.

For 2015 revenue achievements for the Main and Outside Season are unbalanced, this is due to Season 2/2014 assaults and disasters (flood and fall) attacks.

3. Farmers’ Income Year 2016
The annual income of MADA farmers is based on the Annual Seasonal Paddy Production Survey information. The Main Season is chosen as the basis for calculating the annual income of the Muda Regions as it is the “standard” set by the National Level Secretariat to be in line with other granaries in Malaysia. Some assumptions have been made to ensure that the estimates of farmer income in the Muda Areas of 2016 are appropriate and reflect the real reality of MADA farmer’s income source.

As Malaysia’s main rice granary area, MADA farmer income has been broken down into the main categories of:
– Income from agriculture (Paddy and Non-Paddy Agriculture)
Income from agriculture in 2016 was increased from RM28,006 to RM28,882.00. An increase of RM 876.00 (3.13%).
– Non-Agricultural Income Non-Agricultural Income this season was found to be the same for both years of RM1,710.00 in 2015 to RM 1,437.00 in 2016. The decline was RM273.00 (-16.0%).

The total revenue this year as compared to 2016 increased from RM 29,443.00 to RM 30,319.00. The increase was RM876.00. Income information is as follows: –

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