i. Development Activities
In 2016, MADA is focusing on rice-related campaigns on 7.0 tonnes / hectare involving six main components of the campaign activities namely the Rice Seed Utilization Campaign, ‘Rice Check’ Agronomic Compliance Campaign, Rice Plant Paddy’s Campaign Compliance Campaign, Pest Management and Disease Campaign, Nation Rice Product Improvement Campaign (paddy granary) and NKEA Paddy Estate Project Establishment Campaign EPP 10.

Through these campaigns, MADA has succeeded: –
a. As many as 91% of farmers have observed rice harvesting schedule compared to 89% in 2015.
b. Reduction of pest infestation by 20% compared to 2015.
c. Increased use of rice seed is valid.

The concept of expansion by irrigation blocks involving agricultural and technical expansion officers has increased the effectiveness of technology transfer to farmers in efforts to increase rice yields in Muda Region. In order to enhance the competence of development officers at Regional and Regional Farmers’ Organization (PPK) level, MADA has worked with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in preparing the MADA Development Strategic Plan. The expansion method was strengthened according to paddy field irrigation block.

All these expansion activities are MADA’s efforts in achieving the objectives of government policies and to ensure the sustainability of rice cultivation twice a year in the Muda Area.

i. Irrigation Operations
It is the responsibility of the Region and Locality level in managing irrigation and drainage operations (water supply) to enable the biennial rice cultivation activities to be carried out successfully in accordance with planned and scheduled schedules. The region will ensure that the water supply distributed by the head office can be used according to the needs of the rice field. During the operation of the water supply, careful monitoring of the water level at the primary / secondary canal, the opening of the primary / secondary structure door required by the required irrigation duty as well as the recycling pump recycling pump and the booster pump are fully attention every day.

For areas experiencing problems during water supply operations such as highland areas or areas far from the waterways, mobile pump loan services are provided to farmers who need to be based on the criteria and conditions that have been set. Loaded pumps are 100 mm (4 inches) and 150 mm (6 inches) in diameter based on the size of the rice fields that can be utilized.

ii. Implementation of Irrigation and Drainage
Infrastructure maintenance of irrigation and drainage is carried out annually to ensure that it is always working properly so that paddy crops can be successfully carried out. The maintenance work carried out is drainage clearing, maintenance of farm roads and drainage channels.

Watercourses have been carried out 3 times a year amounting to 4,237 km long, while trench cleaning 4 times a year amounted to 5,286 km long with total cost of RM5.55 million.

The Muda area has about 2,000 km of main, secondary and tertiary farm roads comprising premix farm roads, crusher run farm roads and laterit farm roads. Maintenance of farm roads was carried out before the start of the paddy harvesting season to facilitate the passage of agricultural machinery / transport vehicles to bring farm produce. Maintenance from time to time is also carried out for social and community use as well as agricultural activities. During the year 2016 the maintenance cost of the farm road was RM7.3 million involving the allocation of Managing Spending, BPSP and NKEA.

Desilting work has been carried out in several waterways involving the removal of sedimentary material from shallow waterways and repairing the drainage profile to the original design profile so that it can function more perfectly. Throughout the year 2016, 1,400 tonnes of illegal fishing activities were carried out, involving major canals, rivers, towers, secondary waterways, secondary ditches, tertiary waterways, tertiary trenches, fingers and rubber bands at a cost of RM3.87 million.