MADA General Manager, Dato ‘Fouzi Ali had the opportunity to take a field trip to monitor the development of the Paddy Estate Project in Kampung Asam Jawa, which is run by the Pendang F-III Area Farmers’ Organization. The management of MADA has been given an update on the current developments related to the Kg Asam Jawa Paddy Estate Project.

The rice cultivation activities (MRQ 76) during the 1/2019 season also covered 14 hectares. MADA is aiming to produce 40 tonnes for this Paddy Rice with 2022 bags to be registered for the upcoming paddy growing season.

MADA will work to assist farmers in the Younger Area to expand their fields. This plan needs to be assisted by the Area Farmers Organization (PPK) such as providing renting and leasing services to farmers to cultivate large areas so that production costs can be reduced and increase yields and increase income to anyone who works there.

So, the Area Farmers’ Organization (PPK) will benefit and give back to the members of the PPK in the form of dividends.