• Dams and Water Resources Management is one of the ten (10) sections contained in the Organization MADA was founded on March 13, 2007.
  • Parts of Dams and Water Resources Management established to operate three (3) dams namely Pedu, Muda and Ahning managed by MADA and manage the lake and catchment areas so the planting of paddy two (2) times a year at the Muda area can be continued.
  • This part is also responsible for ensuring the Muda area receive  supply of adequate irrigation water to increase the paddy production for the needs of the country.

Parts of Management Dams and Water Resources  includes three branches, namely:

  • Dams Management Branch

– Section of Handling and the Dam Maintenance
– Unit of Pedu Dam
– Unit of Muda Dam
– Unit of Ahning Dam
– Section of Safety Dam / Catchment /  retention pond
– Branch of Lake Management  and the Catchment Area
– Branch of Support Services

BPESA that intends to be parts of an expert in the field of Dams Management , Lake and Catchment Area Management.


  • Supplying water to make paddy plants two (2) times a year at the Muda area by including domestic and industrial needs.
  • Operate and maintain the dam, lake and the catchment efficiently and the effectively.
  • Monitoring the safety (safety and security) of the dam and related structures on a scheduled basis and in accordance with procedures.
  • Planning and implement improvements dam facilities.


  • Operate and maintain the facilities of the dam to allow paddy plants to two (2) times a year at the Muda area.
  • Manage the lake and the catchment area to ensure sustainable and sustainability the resource the water dams.


  • Operate and maintain three (3) dams and the reservoir pond at the Pedu dam, Muda  dam and  Ahning dam and water catchment area covering 1,277 km2 and the total volume reservoir of 1,509 Mm3.
  • Manage water dam resources to meet the needs of irrigation in the Muda area as well as water supply domestic and the industrial  for the region of Northern Kedah, south Perlis and Pulau Langkawi.
  • Supplying water for irrigation usefulness in the Muda area as well as of domestic and the industrial in North Kedah, South Perlis and the Pulau Langkawi according to the quantity required and ensure clean and safe water quality.
  • Monitoring the safety of the dam (Dam Safety Monitoring) to ensure the dam always function safely.
  • Provide technical advice to agencies / departments and the private sector as well as NGO-related implications of planning of development projects in the area of the lake and the watershed.


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