Since the implementation of the Muda Plan Project and the establishment of the Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA) in 1970, the Engineering Division has been established to provide all engineering services to MADA to implement socio-economic development in Muda areas.
The Irrigation and Drainage Services Division is one of the ten divisions in MADA. This division was established on 16 March 2007 in line with the Restructuring of the MADA Organization Chart. The origin of this Division was the Water Management Branch under the MADA Engineering Division prior to the restructuring of the organization.


  • Maintain continuity of paddy cultivation twice a year in Muda Area.
  • Manage water resources quickly, accurately and effectively.
  • Plan and implement infrastructure development to develop new water resources in the Muda Area.
  • Conduct a study to identify new water sources that can be replaced in the Muda Area.
  • Operate and maintain the MADA main irrigation and drainage system to the level of functional perfection.

To be a leader in the development and operator of water management systems for paddy cultivation.


  • Provide all irrigation and water drainage services to MADA to carry out solid cultivation twice (2) times a year in Muda Area.
  • Plan / review water resource development proposals to increase water supply to meet the ever-increasing needs in the Muda area.
  • Distribute excess water (flood routing) in the north of Kedah and south of Perlis.
  • Provide irrigation and drainage advisory services to MADA Region, Government and Private Agencies / Departments.


  • Use four (4) water sources (rain, river flow, reusable drainage water, dam water) according to priority.
  • Ensure the dam reservoir exceeds 500,000 acres to start the first season each year.
  • Enables the annual paddy crop density of Muda areas to exceed 198%.
  • Ensuring continuous supply of raw water for domestic and industrial use in northern Kedah (including Langkawi Island) and Perlis.

This section covers three (3) branches namely: –

  1. Irrigation and Drainage Branch
  2. Hydrology Branch
  3. Support Services Branch


Irrigation and Drainage Branch was established for the supply of irrigation water for paddy cultivation twice (2) a year. Among the functions of this branch is to plan and set the MADA Paddy Cultivation Schedule as well as manage and distribute water resources quickly, accurately and effectively. This branch also serves as the operator for the MS ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System implementation program at MADA Headquarters, Regions and 27 Localities. Apart from that, this branch manages and supplies excess water from the river catchment area as well as monitors and transmits flood information. This branch directly provides technical and engineering advisory services to regional services and provides technical reviews for government land applications and land lot allocation.
This branch has provided irrigation and drainage services to the MADA region as in previous years. Various programs have been implemented each year and the achievements are as follows: –


  1. Setting of Paddy Cultivation Schedule

After taking into account the position of the dam reservoir, the annual water source condition forecast and other important aspects, the MADA Level Water Supply and Paddy Planting Committee Meeting (MJBAPP) has decided that the Paddy Planting Schedule for Season 1 and Season 2 will be carried out as decided by Meeting Members. Overall, the paddy cultivation activities for Season 1 and Season 2 are according to the MADA Paddy Cultivation schedule that has been set.


  1. MS ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System

In ensuring that water management to irrigation areas can be managed properly, MADA has implemented the Quality Management System MS ISO 9001: 2015. Since 2000, this system has assisted MADA in managing irrigation water supply more perfectly.
Quality Management System (SPK) MADA Water Management has conducted 2 (two) audits, namely Internal Audit and External Audit. The validity date of the Quality System Registration Certificate is from 25 January 2019 until 19 February 2022.

The Hydrology Branch was created to aim for hydrological data acquisition centers through telemetry and manual networks by obtaining, collecting and using hydrological data for water management. The branch also serves to develop hydrological data acquisition systems and stations. Also serves as a maintenance of data acquisition systems and stations. Apart from that, this branch serves to monitor the quality of irrigation water by including the task of taking water samples and then make an analysis on quality

MADA Telemetry Website

Telemetry System Center

Telemetry system is one of the methods to obtain hydrological data remotely without the presence of members on site to observe readings at hydrological stations. To date, MADA has 148 Telemetry Stations. The use of this system allows rain data, water levels and door openings to be updated and recorded automatically.
The acquisition of the latest hydrological data / ‘real time’ through the Telemetry Station has helped to improve the efficiency of water management and flood routing in Muda Area. Hydrological data information obtained through telemetry systems can be browsed through the MADA web.

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The following is the sharing of data and information by the Departments involved with MADA.




In 2016, the MADA Hydrology division purchased a set of ‘Automated Laboratory Calibration Of Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges (TBRGS) model TB340A’.
The function of the device is to measure the rainwater observation device (Tipping Bucket) which is in the MADA area of ​​120 pieces. MADA bought the equipment because most of the previous tipping bucket errors had to be sent to DID Ampang, Selangor for maintenance. As a result of the purchase, MADA made its own maintenance and of course the survey started in 2017 of 25 pieces and in 2018 of 13 pieces. With the purchase, DID Ampang also plans to use this service because the equipment is easy to use, saves time and the first to be used in Malaysia. It also provides Calibration Services to External Agencies in the Northern Area.


The Support Services Branch acts more as an administrative service executor for the Division. Where this branch serves to manage general administration, division staffing management. The branch also manages the financial affairs of the Division as a whole.

Pelubang (Pandangan Atas)

Alator-Alator Pelubang

Tandop Pasang Surut Ampang Jajar