Kipli’s Nipah Palm Farm
Situated north of Malaysia at Kampong Tanah Timbul, Kuala Sanglang, State of Perlis, Kipli’s Nipah Palm Farm is meticulously planted with over 2,000 trees of Nipah Palm that produces deliciously sweet fresh nipah juice which traditionally known for its medicinal values.
The farm is dotted strategically with lazy-huts and swings for relaxing, unwinding, mind-recharging or even soul-searching.




Do savour the infamous hot & spicy Laksa Kuala Perlis and fresh ricefield crab for your simple lunch, tea or even breakfast.
Freshly plucked young coconuts with its sweet juice and succulent flesh are also on the menu for you. The farm also provides camp-site for group activities and excursions.
Just a walk into the farm will take off all your undue pressures and transform you into a very relaxing mood and free mind.



For further information or reservations please contact Pak Atan +6017-5190-638 or Liyana +6012-5773-571