The water storage system covers three water storage dams i.e. the Muda, Pedu and Ahning Dams. The Muda and Pedu Dams were built in 1969 under the Muda Irrigation Scheme for the purpose of providing irrigation water to the Muda area covering 96,000 hectares to enable double cropping of rice per year. Ahning Dam was built by the Public Works Department for the main purpose of supplying water for domestic and industrial uses.
In 1991, Ahning Dam was handed over to MADA for operations and management work because the water from Pedu and Ahning Dams flows through the same single river channel to arrive at the Pelubang Bifurcation where the water is distributed to District I and II via the Northern Channel and to District III and IV via the Central and Southern Channels respectively.
Since the Muda Reservoir has a large catchment area of (984 km2) but a low storage capacity of 160 million m3, water from the Muda Reservoir is transferred to the Pedu Reservoir, which has a higher storage capacity of 1073 million m3, via the 6.8 km long Saiong Tunnel for storage and release. Water for irrigation in the Muda area is released through the Pedu and Ahning Dams.
The operation and the maintenance of Pedu, Muda and Ahning Dam’s are under the supervision of Dam Management and Water Resources Division.

Pedu Dam



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