Technical Data Of Ahning Dam

Reservoir Storage 275 x 106 m3
Useful Drawdown 113 m to 73 m MSL
Reservoir Area 12 sq. km
Catchment Area 122 sq. km
Type Rockfill with concrete face
Maximum Height 74 metre
Length At Top 270 metre
Width Of Base 188.5 metre
Upstream Slope 1 in 1.3
Downstream Slope 1 in 1.3
Upstream concrete face 300 mm thick
Design Flood 840 m3 / sec at 117 m MSL
Description Ogee crest into Kah Ing. River
Length Of Crest 52 metre
Crest Level 113 m MSL
Design draw-off 2 x 6 m3 / sec
Through Pipes 2 x 1.5 m dia.
Controlled By Cone disc valve with butterfly guard valves
Rockfill 770,000 m3

Saiong Tunnel – Intake & Outfall

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Saiong Tunnel connects the Muda and Pedu Reservoirs, to permit water collected from Muda catchment to be transferred and stored in the Pedu Reservoir. It is a concrete-lined tunnel of “horseshoe” section 4.48 m high and 4.42 m wide, about 6.8 km long. Control gates are provided at both the Intake and Outfall ends of the tunnel and access to the tunnel can be made from both gateshafts.

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