MRTC Trainee Innovation to increase Subsoil Quality

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Three MADA Rice Trainning’s trainee Center (MRTC) has taken a proactive step by innovating ‘rake power tiller’ to increase subsoil quality and consequently can produce padi crop that is quality.

‘Rake Power Tiller’ it is implemen that fixed in machinery of two wheels to carry work rotation and penyisiran subsoil and used to level subsoil after rotation works held by using four-wheel tractor.

By using ‘rake power tiller’ this, kelumatan size subsoil is wanted can be achieved in size less from 2.5 centimetres apart from combing all impurity that left in rice field plot after piracy work and rotation by four-wheel tractor.

Among advantage use ‘rake power tille’r is working time in rice field can retrenched by where work comb and levelling land carried out simultaneously, rice field management that is more effective with subsoil that is flat, rice field water supply management that is optimum, fertilization efficiency on more efficient crop when flat subsoil and more effective weed control if flat and steep paddy field area.

Apart from that, advantage use rake power tiller is create paddy plant layout that is uniform and regular, can control comprehensively on gondang snail attack gold for with puddles area and land burden due to machinery usage could be reduced.

In conclusion, this tool can help the farmer in tackling uneven subsoil problem , especially during wet season apart from light and easy to be handled compared to 4 wheel tractor and this can minimise heavy machinery entry.

It also able give opportunity farmer regulate rice field water level by optimum and this will increase fertilization efficiency when perfect control of water.

Idea ‘rake power tiller’ from MRTC trainee innovation undeniably give facility to farmer where it can reduce burden to farmer in other machinery usage that give problem to land and give opportunity to farmer to increase their crop yield of rice.