MADA Target Become Complete Agency Jump Paddy Industry (15 July 2010)

MADA targeted to be Complete Agency Increase Paddy Industry

ALOR SETAR 15 July – Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA) aspire to be a complete agricultural agency within 10 years later after successfully boosting the national paddy industry and farmers’ life to a commendable level throughout the 40 years of its establishment.

Deputy Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister, Datuk Mohd. Johari Baharom said, that the authority will change into national paddy industry value network which have the entire requirement including seeds production, using high technology and owning fertilizer as well as rice factory by 2020.

He said, that target was in accordance to the objectives making Malaysia to be high-income country as hoped by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“This effort is to modernize MADA that is celebrating its 40 years of establishment this year. It will go through a second boost phase by standing on own feet in addition to continue to be the biggest contributor to the national rice production,” he said.

He said that to reporters after the Quality and Innovation Day Ceremony, and MADA Excellent Service Award 2010 at the authority’s headquarters in Ampang Jajar here today.

Also attended are MADA Chairman, Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid and the authority General Manager, Datuk Rahim Salleh.

Mohd. Johari said, since being established on 30 June 1970, MADA was going through encouraging change phase when there was improvement from every aspects such as membership, share capital, property, business volume, agriculture technology usage and farmers’ income.

For example, he said, early during its establishment there are estimated 72 percents of its participants are under poverty level but after 40 years in operation with numerous of programmes aiming for commodity and humanity aspects, poverty level decrease to one percent.

Similarly, he said, MADA success in increasing paddy production in its zone from 3.2 tan per hectare to 6.17 tan per hectare currently.

According to him, the authority would continue with the main programmes for paddy sector but might add value to other aspects including human capital development, improving production and product processing modernisation as well as marketing.