Induction Course Announce Series 1 / 2010 (13 – 26 Mar 2010)

General Induction Course: Management and Professional Group and a Support Series I/2010

13 to 26 March 2010
Young Resort, Gubir, Sik, Kedah

On March 13, 2010, Agricultural Development Authority (MADA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry (MOA) has successfully organized a General Induction Course for the Management and Professional and I support a series of 2010. The course lasts for 14 days at the Young Hotel, Gubir, Sik has been successfully completed on March 26, 2010 the last to be accompanied by a total of 44 participants. All participants are made up of officers from MADA and only one participant from the Department of Agriculture, Putra jaya. The participants from the Agriculture Officer (G41), Engineer (J41), Accountant (W41), Administrative Officer (N41), Assistant Director of Agriculture (G27), Assistant Engineer (J29) and Assistant Accountant (W27).

The main purpose of this induction course is to;

  • Meet the Service Circular. 9 / 1991 which sets out all the new members of the public service are appointed or promoted by appointment (KPSL) for the purpose of verification of service.
  • To produce a public servant who believes high and needs as well as the rights of civil servants.
  • To establish and strengthen ties between the participants.