On March 27, 1982 equal to 2 Jumada II, has held the foundation stone laying MADA headquarters complex that perfected by the Prime Minister, the Honourable Dato ‘Seri Dr. B. Mahathir Mohammad.

Placing the foundation stone has become the symbol of the sacrifices and contributions of farmers in Kedah Darulaman to the needs of the country’s rice. It also became a symbol of pride gigh results of operations and cooperation between farmers and the entire staff for the success of MADA twice a year for more than 46 years ago.

logoThis emblem was approved by the Board on August 17, 1972. Blue is the color of water (irrigation). Hills and dams indicate the source. Blue represents the beginning of development activities. Yellow is the color of cooked rice. Yellow represents the ultimate goal of development. Listing both blue and yellow color symbolizes the merger of the Irrigation and Agriculture Division became a Board to achieve social and economic development in Muda area. Machinery trade show farmers that need to be modernized to achieve that goal. Within the grains on either side of the word MADA represents the primary responsibility of the Board in the development of agriculture in achieving increased food production for the needs of the country.

imej1Tun Hj. Abdul Razak Husin as imej1Pemangku Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Director of Operations in a ceremony at the Great Hall of the building, Alor Setar, Kedah.

Also present at the opening of this among others is Y.A.B Dato ‘Syed Ahmad Syahabuddin Al-Haj (Menteri Besar), Y.A.B Datuk Sheikh Ahmad B. Hashim (Menteri Besar), the Honourable Mr. Ghazali B. Hj Rawi (Minister of Agriculture and Co-operative) and the Honourable Tan Sri Abdul Kadir B. Yusoff (Attorney General). MADA Establishment was approved by Parliament under Act 70, Muda Agricultural Development Authority Act, 1972.


According to Section 4 (1) of Act 70, the Board authorized: –

i. To promote, stimulate, facilitate and undertake economic and social development in Muda area.

ii. Plan and undertake in Mada areas such as agricultural development as provided to him by the State Authority for Kedah and Perlis.

In his opening remarks at the inaugural meeting of the Board of Directors in Telok Chengai, Alor Setar on July 8, 1970, the Honourable Mr. Syed Nahar Shahabuddin as Chairman of MADA who first expressed the hope with the establishment of MADA, it can be a team of experts that not only will use knowledge-their expert knowledge, but also local knowledge can be directed to the foundation “flexible” to ensure the success of the Muda Irrigation Scheme.

imej3MADA was founded to operate and maintain the Muda Irrigation Scheme, a project that is the largest rural development launched under the First Malaysia Plan at a cost of RM238 million. MADA also given the responsibility of designing and implementing programs and agricultural development programs to improve the standard of living for 63,000 family farmers in the Muda area.

Citing the opening speech by Allahyrham Tun Abdul Razak said, “Because the Muda Irrigation Scheme is wider then it’s important dijagai and administered properly and will of the farmers in the hearing. I found this job, it will not run smoothly if the administration is organized in Kuala Lumpur by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. So very it is important that the powers granted to the administration area of the body that is responsible to have its headquarters in Alor Setar. Therefore, I have decided that urgent establishment of a corporation or the “Authority” which has a Chairman of the State “.

imej4And moving Associations of Farmers’ Organisations play a vital role towards the achievement of the Muda Irrigation Scheme. In discharging its duties and responsibilities, MADA always involve leaders of farmers according to time and circumstances. The first Farmers’ Association was established in the Area of the Association of Farmers Kubang Sepat. It was established on 27 July 1968 under the Farmers Association Act of 1967.

In that year only 215 people who are members. Now there are 27 pieces of Association / Organization in Muda area with a total membership of 26.976 people and the share capital of RM2.96 million. Farmers’ Association this movement has become stronger and more effective with the establishment of the consultant and the Coordinating Committee MADA Farmers Association and Farmers Business Company (MADA) Sdn. Bhd. in the mid-1970s.

imej5To achieve the ambitions embodied in the establishment of such an opening speech by the late Tun Abdul Razak, MADA organizational structure has been developed to incorporate the important role of the various departments that are directly attributable to the implementation of the Muda Irrigation Scheme. Drainage and Irrigation Department and the Department of Agriculture in the area of each is absorbed into the Engineering Division and the Division of Agriculture MADA MADA.

Through this merger engineering services, agricultural and movement Farmers Association has been coordinated under one strong organization as has been confirmed by the first General Manager of MADA, Encik Mohd Tamin B. Yeop in brief opening of the inaugural meeting of the Board Members Director of MADA in Telok Chengai, Alor Setar on July 8, 1970.

An area of 43 acres in Ampang Tidal Flat, West Curling, Alor Setar has now been established with strong and majestic, and it’s called Muda Agricultural Development Authority. It made MADA Headquarters complex area like yng shown in the Layout Plan.

ibupejabatConcurrent with the exchange office of the Project to the Muda Agricultural Development Authority on 30 June 1970, while the Office of the building project in Telok Chengai made of wood that has been the headquarters of MADA. It houses the Office of the General Manager, Office Administration and Office of the Chief Division of Agriculture.

Offices (except Office of the Chief Division of Agriculture has moved to a building while others in Ampang Align) still use the old temporary building to this day after 46 years MADA was founded. Office of the Chief Engineering Division MADA was a wanderer and subsequently took over the heritage of the building while the Project Director’s Office in Jalan Muda Irrigation Scheme Violation. The rank officials of the most important parts of being away and faced congestion office space it has created difficulties in implementing development programs and operations.

Before June 30, 1970, the Muda Irrigation Scheme was placed under the Office of the Project operated from Kuala Lumpur. Execution of construction works and physical infrastructure pilot projects is the responsibility of the Department of Drainage and Irrigation. Department of Agriculture with its main power has carried out activities and intensive development provides farmers to enter into a new era in the company’s plant paddy twice a year. The Department of Agriculture has also paved the way for the establishment of the Association of Farmers movement.imej6

Dated June 30, 1970 is a symbol of a major turning point in the history of the Muda Irrigation Scheme. On that day the Office of the Project was officially converted into an authority under the law is now known as MADA.

As early as the establishment, MADA has only seven employees base consists of a general manager, an administrator, an engineer, an economist, a senior clerk, an Office Server, and a Labour Workers. Dependence on both the Agriculture Department and the Drainage and Irrigation Department had continued while the lending process and the process of staffing has just performed. Now the number of employees in all groups and layers have been greatly improved, totaling more than 1850 people. The duties and responsibilities have also been expanded significantly to meet its goal of raising the standard of living of farmers in the Muda area and favored the production of food for the needs of the country.