Since the implementation of the Project Plan and the the establishment of the Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA) in 1970, the Engineering Division has been established for all members of engineering services to MADA to implement socio-economic development in the Muda area.

Division of Irrigation and Drainage Services  is one of the ten part in MADA. This part was established on 16 March 2007 in line with the Restructuring Organizational Chart MADA. The origin of this Parts is under the Branch Water Management under the Engineering Division  MADA before the restructuring of the organization.

This part includes three (3) branches:-

  • Water Management Branch
  • Hydrology Branch
  • Services Support Branch


alator      tando

Alator Pelubang                                         Tandop Pasang Surut Sungai Kedah, Ampang Jajar

Water Management Branch created is intended for the supply of irrigation water for paddy cultivation. Among the functions of this branch is to planning and set Schedule Planting Paddy MADA as well as manage and the distribute water resources faster, accurate and the efficient. This branch also functions as an operator for the implementation of the program of Quality Management System MS ISO 9001: 2008 in MADA Headquarters, Regional and the 27 localities. In addition, this branch manage and the distribute the excess water from the catchment area of the river as well as monitor and deliver flood information. These branches are directly providing technical advice and engineering to territory services and the member of technical review of the application of government land and the the division of land lots.


Hydrology Branch was created is aimed at procurement centers hydrological data through telemetry network and manual to acquire, collect and the use hydrological data for water management. The Branch is also function to develop the system and the hydrological data acquisition station.  Function as maintain the system and the data acquisition station. In addition, this branch is function to make irrigation water quality monitoring to include the task of taking water samples and making analysis on the quality of irrigation water.


Support service branch is acting as a implementer administrative services for section. In which the branch is functional manage general administration, personnel management division. The Branch also manages Parts overall finances.



  • Maintain the continuity of paddy twice a year in the Muda area.
  • Manage water resources with fast, accurate and efficient.
  • Planning and implementing infrastructure development for developing new a water resources in Muda Area.
  • Conducting research identify a new water sources that can be substituted in the Muda Area.
  • Operate and maintain a drainage and main irrigation system of MADA to level of functional completeness.


  • Being a leader in the development and control of water management systems for the cultivation of paddy.


Main function

  • Giving all services irrigation and water drainage  to MADA to implement paddy planting two (2) times a year in the Muda area.
  • Planning / reviewing the proposed development of water resources to increase the supply of water to meet the constantly increasing requirements in the Muda area.
  • Distribute the excess water (flood routing) in the northern state of Kedah and Perlis south.
  • Provide advisory services region of irrigation and drainage to the territory of MADA Agency / Department of Government and Private.



  • Using four (4) sources of water (rain, rivers, reuse of water drainage, water dam) by priority.
  • Ensure dam reservoir in excess of 500,000 acre feet for the first start of the season every year.
  • The annual paddy crop density allows young area exceeding 196%.
  • Ensure supplies the raw water of the continued  of  for domestic and industrial use in the northern state of Kedah (including Langkawi Island) and Perlis.



Our commitment is to provide management service of irrigation and hydrology the professional and
quality. To that end, we will: –
  • Provides the schedule of Cultivation Paddy for the first season of February / March and the
    second season in July / August each year.
  • Handle of MADA Water Management System  in accordance with the quality system EN ISO 9001: 2000.
  • Ensure the supply a raw water sufficient and continuing to usefulness domestic and industry in the northern state of Kedah (including Langkawi Island) and Perlis.
  • Monitor and report on the progress of planting paddy in the Muda area every week.
  • Provide technical comments on government land application / letter of appeal within two (2) weeks.
  • Ensure telemetry system and radio communication of MADA for data acquisition stands at the time rate 98% functional.
  • Manage work orders payment of maintenance and development delivered for payment within seven (7) working days after receipt of the statement of claim.
  • To ensure that rainfall distribution data, the water level and reservoir dam submitted before 0900 of clock for usefulness of Part every day including holidays weeks.
  • Taking the water samples in locations that are set each Tuesday and sent for analysis on Wednesday.
  • Conducting a water quality testing operations for Program Recovery water Quality  Sungai Kedah at a operational period the entry of salt water two (2) times a year according to schedule.
  • Provides Government Order within two (2) days from the date of application.
  • Carry out the tasks related to finance and ensure that every invoice paid within three (3) days of receipt.
  • Ensure that all correspondence is recorded / sent by GOE within one (1) day.