The story of Mada in HPPNK 2017
03 October 2017

Assalamualaikum and congratulations to all my dear readers. Hopefully all of you are in good health. Well in this post I would like to share with you all about MADA.

I really want to share about MADA, but in this post I would like to share MADA on Farmers, Breeders and National Fishermen Day (HPPNK) 2017 and general information on MADA.

About MADA

For those of you who do not know what MADA is, MADA stands for the Young Agriculture Development Authority (MADA) or Muda Agricultural Development Authority. MADA is one of the agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry of Malaysia. To make Kedah people, I’m sure the name of MADA is no stranger to them.

MADA was established to operate and maintain the Young Irrigation Plan, which is the largest rural development project launched under the First Malaysia Plan of the past. MADA is also responsible for planning and implementing agricultural development programs and upgrading of living standards for tens of thousands of farmer families in the Young Regions.

OK. That’s a bit about MADA. Well, we will talk about MADA at the last HPPNK 2017 at MAEPS Serdang. Various events have been implemented by MADA in conjunction with the organizing of the HPPNK2017.

Among them are Chillax TN50, Agro Race, EOW MADA and MADA AgroTrip Showcase. The application of this program is to provide information to the end and to get feedback from the community to achieve the national aspirations.

Chillax TN50

The Chillax TN50 program is a great program implemented by MADA on the last HPPNK2017. It was held on the main stage with the involvement of many youths in generating ideas for TN50’s aspirations. The youths who attended the program were informed and exchanged views and thoughts, especially the aspect of food security with the youth in ensuring the future of the country.

Participants in this program exchange ideas and ideas in developing future food industry in the future. This is one of the government’s efforts in gaining youth feedback to make the food sector more successful in the future.

The program was also attended by Deputy Finance Minister 1 and MADA Chairman Dato ‘Wira Othman Aziz. He also delivered valuable messages to the youths, “The most important capital of a business is BUSINESS & CONSULTATION.


In addition to talk, HPPNK2017 this time also brought EOW or Extention on Wheels MADA on MAEPS Arrive Page. This EOT is a modified lorry to facilitate MADA in delivering information to target groups in the Muda region.

The lorries are equipped with a variety of useful information for the target group on each of their cruises. Lorry that can be modified as the stage is also easy to use in approaching the people such as to make talks and general delivery to target groups.

Back to the EOW program at HPNK2017, there is a program for visitors that visitors are required to write any suggestions for the TN50 and have the opportunity to make a round of wheels. Interesting prizes will be won by anyone who makes this TN50 recommendation. I did not miss the opportunity to try to get rid of this wheel.


The AGRO RACE program is held in the afternoon which is participated by Agro Youth participants from NAFAS, MAEPS Mardi Serdang. In this program there are various check points that participants need to take. At each check point, participants will be exposed to entrepreneurial knowledge especially in the field of agropreneur.

AgroTourism Exhibition of MADA

In addition to the above activities, the MADA is also no exception in bringing various exhibitions and interesting activities to be held in the exhibition hall. Housed in Hall A, there are booths that showcase sales products by entrepreneurs who are mentored by MADA.

There are products that are well known in the state of Kedah namely nira water, preserved fish, coffee, nyior cassava and many more. It’s interesting. Of course, the goods sold are genuine from Kedah.

My friends and I also experienced the nira water brought from Kedah. Fuh! it is refreshing. And being informed, the owner of the company has also been actively involved under the guidance of MADA.

Apart from that, he has also been working on a homestay at his residence in Kedah. It turns out that MADA has helped many Kedah people improve their standard of living.

MADA Rice Training Centre

Looking at the importance of the country’s food industry in the future, the MADA established the MADA Rice Training Center. The purpose of the establishment of this school is to produce skilled people in this field. With this kind of education center, it is hoped that more talents in this food field will be able to make our country a country capable of producing enough food products and can be exported with many overseas.

The MADA Rice Training Center is an educational institution that recognizes the mandatory body of jurisdiction in Malaysia. Students who have completed this course will be awarded the SKM Level 3 certificate. To attend this course, students must be Malaysian citizens.

In addition, this center is trained by experienced instructors such as retired officers and other skilled personnel. The course is provided for 8 months and the application for this course is open from July to September every year.

Conducive study rooms with 35 to 50 people per recruitment. And as of this year, 200 people have been studying at MADA Rice Training Center. A proud achievement that has been implemented by the MADA Rice Training Center.

Actually, MADA is one of the government agencies that has a good vision and mission to realize the country’s dream in achieving TN50’s aspiration in the future.