In the MADA area, 100% of rice harvesting activities are carried out using the harvest service wage method according to the amount of rice field cultivated. The average wage rate is RM120 for a loop which is equivalent to RM420 for a hectare. Service providers consist of MADA providing 2% service (10% of total sales) while the private sector provides 98% service (687 units). In the field of harvesting, the operation is based on local conditions (there is no standard operating procedure). The speed of the jumbo is high for the purpose of obtaining maximum breadth. The study conducted by MARDI shows that the average pest loss rate during harvest is high at 4.62%). Harvesting is widely practiced in MADA area.

The implementation of paddy harvesting methods by weight was implemented in four (4) PPK MADAs: –
i. Happy Farmers’ Organization – PPK C1,
ii. New Serenity Farmers’ Organization – PPK F2,
iii. Muda Jaya Kinabalu Region Farmers’ Organization – PPK A3, and
iv. Farmers’ Organization Secretariat – PPK C4.

The implementation involves 90 farmers, 116 hectares (406 relongs) and involves the use of technical adjustments and operating on site. At the same time, the BME conducts monitoring and data collection for implementation that has been carried out.

The following is a flow chart of implementation that is used to ensure the implementation of paddy harvesting methods according to the weight being carried out reaching the desired goals of the BME.

The following is the target output and outcome for paddy harvesting methods by weight.

The implementation of the harvesting method by weight in the MADA area has been in line with the objective of which all parties agree that the implementation of this method can reduce the loss of paddy during harvest and increase the income of farmers in the MADA area. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to reduce the loss of rice during harvesting reviewed (especially in terms of current speed OPERATION). Studies need to be continued with MARDI especially in terms of speed, age and maintenance of care. (Speed ​​study will be made in February 2017). Farmers and service providers in CK area C1. PPK F2, PPK A3 and PPK C4 agree to continue with this heavy weighting method while the BME makes improvements to existing SOPs. Generally harvest charges in MADA area are higher than other rice cultivation areas.