In 2016, the MADA as well as the previous year continued the implementation of the Farmers’ Entrepreneur Development Program which included entrepreneurs involved in the basic agribusiness sector and agro-based industry sectors. The long-term program is aimed at raising the level of skills of farmer entrepreneurs in the aspects of operations and production, business management and more systematic marketing. Among the business categories involved include the business of snack processing, beverages, traditional cakes, handicrafts, herbs, cosmetics as well as other business projects such as sewing, livestock projects, crop projects and aquaculture.

The Agro-Based Industry is a thriving sector where it involves the processing of agricultural products to diversify downstream agriculture-based industries such as crops, livestock and aquaculture in Muda Area. Throughout 2016, agro-based industrial projects that have been implemented to increase farmers’ income and entrepreneurship by utilizing the diversity of existing agricultural resources include the MADA Farmers Entrepreneurship Development Program, the Young Agropreneur Program and Agrotourism in Muda Region.

To produce entrepreneurs who are competent, competent and have high commitments in managing their business, the MADA has implemented activities such as human capital development, production capacity building and modernization of infrastructure, certification and accreditation, product research and development as well as promotion and marketing.

Hence, MADA has managed to produce 2,650 entrepreneurs in 2016 where 1,300 are entrepreneurs of the agro-based industry and 1,350 are agro-based entrepreneurs. The details of the number of MADA-led entrepreneurs are as follows: –

Number of MADA Guided Entrepreneurs

For 2016, the selling value for entrepreneurs guided by the MADA has shown a positive improvement. The industrial product of MADA guidance farmers’ group has received high demand for the year and contributed the highest selling value compared to fresh and non-food products. The selling value of the whole product has increased by 13.4% ie from RM122,638,273 in 2015 to RM139,093,846 in 2016. The Details of the Sales Value of Farmers of MADA are as follows: –

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