The implementation of the Government Transformation Program (GTP) has had a positive impact on the people. 2016 is the sixth year of implementation of the low-income aid program through AZAM Tani’s component. In 2016, based on the GTP Defining Laboratory 3.0 several KPIs were set by the Performance Management and Implementation Unit (PEMANDU) as the KPI of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry and MADA. The table below shows the list and achievements of the KPI.

The most important indicator for measuring the impact of the program is in terms of the number of participants who have gone out of the Poverty Line Income (PGK). This is to see if the aid program has been carried out can lead participants to improve their lives to a better stage. The table below shows the number of participants who have gone out of PGK will be monitored through the e-Kasih system where monthly income has been updated periodically in the system so the participant’s position will be’auto generated by the system.

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