Product development, promotion and marketing elements play an important role in enabling the production of quality and competitive products. Therefore, in 2016 the MADA has focused on marketing programs that cover product development activities, the development of entrepreneurial product development centers and promotion and sales. This activity was implemented to enable entrepreneurship MADA’s entrepreneurial products and able to penetrate the global market.

i. Product Development
In 2016, a total of 31 product types were involved in product development activities and benefited 31 entrepreneurs from MADA. Product development activities provided to entrepreneurs in collaboration with selected research bodies include basic nutrition facts and chemical and physical analysis. Meanwhile, a total of 6 types of products have been involved in the development of packaging and product quality improvement which is beneficial to 6 entrepreneurs. Achievement of activities for product development is as follows: –

ii. Development of MADA Agro-Based Product Collection Center
The entrepreneurial product collection center is divided into two (2) categories, which are branded Collection Center branded Farmer Mart Shoppe (PMS) brand and MADA Product Collection Center (PP).

Farmers Mart Shoppe (PMS) is a network of product collection centers managed by competitive MADA marketers. As of 2016, there are 7 PMS in the Young Regions. Meanwhile, MADA Product Collection Center (PP) is a sales center of entrepreneurial products managed by MADA and PPK subsidiaries. Until 2016, there are 7 PPs in the Young Regions.

In 2016 the 1Malaysia People’s Agrobazaar collection and sale center (ABR1M) was implemented in the MADA area. A total of 10 units of ABR1M have been created and managed by MADA marketer entrepreneurs.

Overall, the accumulated sales value of the entire Product Collection Center in 2016 is RM13,927,156. Detailed information on the achievements of the IAT Product Collection Center are as below: –

iii. Promotion of Domestic and International Rankings
Promotion activities covering domestic and international levels are being implemented continuously throughout 2016 to help entrepreneurs market their products. This promotional program is a field for entrepreneurs to introduce their products as well as a platform to meet marketers interested in marketing their products on a large scale.

Ending 2016, MADA has participated in 83 domestic-level promotional programs and 6 foreign trade mission programs organized by the Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-based Industry of Malaysia (MoA) as well as making the total number of promotions participated by MADA 89 times. Overall, entrepreneurs who receive benefits during the implementation of this program are 338 people. Details are as below:

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