2. MADA Area Farmers’ Organization (PPK) Program and Activities
In 2016, there are 2 main programs implemented by the MADA PPK and are as follows:

I. Election of the Board of Directors (AJP) of the KDP of 2016 – 2019 At the Annual General Meeting Using the E-Voting

Every Farmers’ Organization (PP) is led by the ranks of the Board of Directors (AJP) selected by lot at the General Meeting. The e-vote system is a system of voting and counting of votes using computer applications as an alternative to ballot paper. The development of a simple and user-friendly system design provides a lot of facilities for voters. It is built in such a way that it takes into account age, health and user efficiency levels.

Therefore, PPK MADA took the initiative for the first time in 2016 to hold AJP election at the General Meeting of the KDP using the e-vote system. Starting with the selection of AJP by KDP H-II, Head of Limit until 26 other PPADA MADA Kedah and Perlis also use this technology in the selection of AJP PPK respectively.

Using the e-Voting system, the voting process is seen to run more smoothly and quickly than with the use of ballot papers as well as the problem of corrupt votes is also unlikely. The decision of a lottery can be removed immediately because it is a realtime real time polling system.

This system is a new alternative to the development of today’s information technology and can save time while minimizing costs in the future.

II. GO EXTRA MILES Leadership and Motivation Course To AJP Member (AJP) Youth Farmers PPK MADA
The GO Extra Miles Leadership and Motivation Course is a course organized by the Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA) through its Farmers Institution Management Division (BPIP) for the first time in 2016 to the newly appointed Muda Farmers Director for 2016 – 2019. Organizing this course is a step of the MADA initiative to streamline the leaders of Muda farmer leaders more firmly and sustainably in line with the government’s wish to produce a rich and knowledgeable farmer leader with first-class dynamic knowledge.

A total of 54 participants who attended the course were 40 and under. The 3-day 2-night course at the Smallholder Development Institute, Padang Rengas Perak is also an Engagement Program with the target group being KPI General Manager of MADA to produce AJP Muda Farmers who are knowledgeable and have global ideas on the development of KDP more brilliant and fair. The objectives of the course are as follows:

– Producing a Muda AJP who is knowledgeable and has personal integrity in terms of Spiritual, Academic and Physical. The combination of these factors is important for a community community as AJP Muda Farmers is a driving force for the paradigm shift, social and economic outcomes of KDP.
– Encourage the spirit of leadership and motivation to AJP Muda Farmers in organizational management to transform their KDP into a solid organization.
– Exhibit AJP Peladang Muda by sharing success stories of an organization with the realization and integration of ideas and views in making decisions with mutual trust.

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