Plans for the Paddy Plantation in Muda area can be shown as chart below:

Pre-Season Preparations 2/2015 and Season 1/2016

To enable the implementation of paddy planting of Season 2/2015 and Season1 / 2016 various activities were conducted at all levels with the aim of ensuring paddy and irrigation and irrigation activities can be done smoothly without any problems.

The operation of saline water into drainage is a step taken to minimize the gold ghost snail attack. This operation was conducted by the Irrigation and Drainage Service Division. The operation was held from 14 to 29 February 2016 which is between the season shortly after completion of Season 2/2015.

The location of this operation is from Tandop Ampang Jajar at MADA Headquarters to Johor Coast (Sungai Anak Bukit) and Tanjung Bendahara (Sungai Kedah). As a result of this operation, the quantity of snails and calamity trees decreased within the trenches. In terms of improved river water quality from Class IV to Class II and social impacts can be seen with a positive and positive response from farmers and the public.

In addition, secondary secondary trench and trench cleaning works are carried out in the Territories as well as to work on the canals in ensuring the smooth running of irrigation activities in the Muda Regions. The Regional Office undertakes secondary and secondary drainage works in accordance with the specifications set out in the MADA quality procedure which is 3 times the frequency per annum for secondary irrigation and 4 times per year for drainage drains. For irrigation and ditch through the routine protocol path that has been implemented 6 times a year.

For the preparation of Season 2/2015 and Season 1/2016, the Jerlus Land Rehabilitation Program has been completed for 8,107 hectares of land with a ravine area and the entry of MADA Suburbs as a Muda Territory of 4,127 hectares has commenced in 2015. Hence, the total area The whole youth who will carry out paddy planting activities Season 2/2015 and Season 1/2016 are 100,685 hectares.

Paddy Plant Activities
Land Operation
Perfect land operation is the basis of uniform seed harvesting and can reduce the growth of weeds. Irrigation irrigation will also be uniform and according to the water supply requested by the Regions. Wet land use (plow) is normally practiced by farmers in the Muda Regions.

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