Farmers Day, Customers & Kedah Darul Aman State Level 2019 fishermen from July 24 to July 28, 2019 at the Taman Jubli Emas, Jalan Suka Menanti, Alor Setar Kedah have presented a variety of activities and programs that cater to visitors.

2019 Kedah State Farmers, Breeders and Fishermen’s Day Opening Ceremony was officiated by YAB Dato ‘Seri Hj Mukhriz Tun Mahathir, Kedah Menteri Besar at the Golden Jubilee Park, Alor Setar Kedah.

In the meantime, the competition category in conjunction with HPNN 2019 was awarded to En. Jaafar Bin Zakaria, PPK C-III Kerpan as Jaya Jaya Farmers while Madam Fauziah Jasni, PPK E-III Kobah asNita Jaya Farmers. The Elephant Titi Farmers Unit, A-III Forestry PPK A-III also received the Jaya Farmer Unit Award as well as the Jaya Farmers’ Association Award given to the Head of H-II PPK.

DYTM Tuanku Raja Muda Kedah, Tengku Sarafudin Badlishah Ibni Al Aminul Karim Sultan Sallehuddin as been on his way to visiting Farmers, Breeders and Fishermen’s Day at the Taman Jubli Emas, Alor Setar with his son YTM Tunku Sulaiman Badlishah.

During his departure, he also enjoyed visiting the exhibits at the MADA booth. His departure, accompanied by Kedah Agriculture Exco, YB Azman Nasruddin to the MADA booth was welcomed by MADA Rice Industry Division Director, Mr. Haji Kamaruddin Dahuli.

More than 100 booths with various exhibitions, sales and activities awaited the visitors, and the MADA Day Program organized by MADA will be further enhanced by the presence of HPPNK Entrepreneur Icon Mrs. Rozita Che Wan @ Che Ta and Shukri Abdul Rahman.

Among the sport of diving contests are duck hunting, pillow throwing, rope pulling and football. The purpose of this flagship sporting event is to enable participants and spectators to experience and appreciate the activities of the paddocks that farmers often enjoy.

The gift presentation session was held in the evening by MADA Deputy General Manager (Technical), Syed Zainuddin Bin Syed Zain to the winners of the MADA DAY sports event in conjunction with MADA DAY on Farmers’ Day, Breeders &  Fisherman 2019.

MADA also provides entrepreneurs under the guidance of the Agro-based Industry to promote and introduce their products in the local market. The program is intended to benefit entrepreneurs, farmers, breeders and fishermen to generate income.