The Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Accreditation Program was held at MADA Headquarters in collaboration with the MADA AKRAB. The program was officiated by the Director of the MADA Management Services Division, the Honorable Mr. Zulkifli Bin Romli with the participation of 64 people comprising the MADA AKADA Coaching Partner and Senior Administrative Assistant (Grade N26).

The program is intended to provide special guidance to the AKRAB Facilitator MADA in conducting mentoring sessions as well as giving the participants confidence and strength in implementing the pre-AKRAB experience and learning group guidance.

The group sessions were divided into 4 groups by discussing the theme of “Sharing Life Experiences”, in which participants could share and express feelings and problems that were caused by the constant stress of living in the office or at home.

MOA Psychological Officer Miti Siti Mastura said, “It’s natural to have feelings and not have time to share with family or friends. With such a program, it can encourage them (government employees) to express their concerns and reduce the pressure they are facing. ”

He added, “This is seen as a factor that causes women to be at greater risk of developing mental disorders than men. Signs of a person are lonely, unwilling to talk and reflect. “

Another MOA Psychology Officer, Mr Nordin also explained that, mental health means being able to maintain relationships with others, the ability to participate in community activities and the ability to contribute to society.

To ensure that the MADA staff is mentally healthy, the Agency through the MADA AKRAB will continuously develop programs of spirituality and spiritual counseling to educate the mind and mind to be a strong human capital and to be resilient to worldly tests.