Symbolic of the November 2020 Paddy Disaster Fund Flood Relief Handover Ceremony by Yang Berhormat Ahmad Tarmizi Bin Sulaiman, Chairman of MADA presented aid checks to 3 farmers involved at their residence located in Telok Kandih, Pendang. Present with him, Tuan Haji Kamarudin Bin Dahuli, General Manager of MADA.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry has approved an allocation through the Paddy Crop Disaster Fund Assistance amounting to RM2,001,259.40 million to 1917 farmers involving 2,284.59 hectares in Muda Area affected by the floods in Muda Area in November 2020.

MADA expressed its appreciation and thanks to YB Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry on this approval which is a testament to the government’s concern to the farmers involved.