Before 1967, Farmer’s Association (FA) has been established before 1967 by the farmers under the Societies Act 1966. The Government’s approach at that point of time was to form up and synchronise Farmer’s Association just like what has been practiced by Taiwan. The first visit to Taiwan was done by the first Agricultural Minister Tan Sri Ghazali bin Jawi in early 1963. The second visit was accompanied by some 200 officials from Agricultural Ministries and Department as well as Farming Organisation leaders. After the two visits, the Government has decided to form up Farmer’s Association based on Taiwan best practices. The laws and enactments pertaining to Farmer’s Organisation has been tabled and endorsed by the Malaysian Parliament with effect from August 1967.
Soon after that, Farmer’s Associations from Muda Irrigation areas have been established between 1968 to 1972 (under the enactment of Farmer’s Association Act 1967). The first Farmer’s Association to be formed was Kubang Sepat District Farmer’s Organisation (1968) with initial membership of 215 farmers and MYR 500.00 worth of shares. In 1969, 13 more FAs have been established with 490 individual membership, capital shares of MYR 11,375.00, MYR 3,459.00 worth of assets and initial business volume of MYR 787.00.
In 1970, 3 more FAs joined in to make it a total of 16 FAs altogether. The respond was so encouraging that the individual membership has grown to 5,378 farmers with invested capital of MYR 48,255.00, MYR 226,058.00 worth of fixed asset and increased business volume of MYR 52,317.00.
By late 1972, 24 FAs have been formed with 8,195 memberships and MYR 83,560.00 worth of capital shares. Business volume has increased significantly to MYR 814,622.00 with accumulated fixed asset worth of MYR 1.24 million.
In 21st June 1973, the Government has formed up and published Farmers Organisation Act 1973 (Act 109) to reorganise all Farmers Associations and Agricultural based Co-Operative Societies. Under this new act, Farmer’s Association has been repealed and has been re-registered as Farmer’s Organisation, whereby the Agricultural based Co-Operatives Societies became the Member Unit to the organisation.

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