In 1974, 3 more District Farmer’s Organisations (DFO) have been established to make it a total of 27 DFOs under the supervision MADA Irrigation Authority.
After 25 years of DFOs formation which is in late 1992, total membership has increased to 44,306 farmers with MYR 6.413 million worth of shares. A total of MYR 47.675 million worth of fixed asset have been accumulated and business activities has contributed MYR 3.603 million of nett profit through business volume of MYR 34.134 million.
In present, 45,500 farmers have joined DFOs and have contributed up to MYR 13.206 millions worth of shares with business volume of MYR 91.231 million and nett profit of MYR 7.973 million.


• To improve economy and social standards
• To enhance skills and knowledge
• To increase revenue and income
• To improve living standards
• To develop a progressive, independence, prosperous and united farming society.

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