The states of Kedah and Perlis are so famous for their paddy cultivation areas that they are called national rice granaries. The area managed by the Muda Agricultural Development Authority is 130,282 hectares of which 100, 685 hectares are paddy fields. The area of ​​this rice paddy covers two (2) states, namely the State of Kedah (80,612 hectares) and the State of Perlis (20,073 hectares). The area of ​​paddy cultivation area of ​​Muda Muda represents 35.13% of the area of ​​paddy of the country. The area of ​​paddy cultivation in Muda Area is the largest in Malaysia so, to ensure the smooth running of MADA management and administration, MADA is divided into four (4) regions, namely, Region I (Perlis), Region II (Jitra), Region III (Pendang ) and Region IV (Kota Sarang Semut)

Position of Young Area Paddy Area Compared to Other Paddy Jelapang Area and Outer Yard Area (Hectares).

Area of ​​Paddy Crops by MADA Region

In order to ensure that the production of paddy in the Muda Area can be increased from time to time. The Paddy Industry Division always strives to improve the implementation of paddy planting activities through the Paddy Industry Development programs. This program is implemented every year with a focus on improvements in paddy planting activities such as management, technology, infrastructure development, agronomy and other support programs.

2020 Development Program

By 2020, the Paddy Industry Division is targeting the implementation of five (5) major campaigns. The implementation of this campaign covers 4 Regions, 27 PPK and 172 irrigation blocks with an estimated number of farmers will benefit is 55,000 farmers. The main purpose of this campaign is to give awareness to farmers about the efficient management of paddy crops as well as increase yields and in turn increase farmers’ income. The campaign also aims to encourage farmers in the Muda Area to adopt good agricultural practices, as well as increase their awareness and knowledge in rice cultivation. Farmers are also expected to increase their level of preparedness in the face of possible pests and diseases by taking precautionary measures.

Expansion By Irrigation Block

Map 1: MADA Area Map

The scope of development programs that are and will be implemented based on:

  1. PPK irrigation zones and blocks.
  2. A combination of cooperation between technical and agricultural officers.
  3. Work as a team.
  4. Carry out agricultural development and irrigation programs.

Annual Expansion Campaign Schedule 2020

MUSIM 1/2020 MUSIM 2/2020
1 Tabur Terus Dalam Air Bertakung Feb – April 2020 Ogos – Okt 2020
2 Pematuhan Jadual Tanaman Mac/Apr – Mei 2020 Ogos/Sept – Okt 2020
3 Pematuhan Amalan Agronomi April – Sept 2020 Ogos 2020 – Dis 2020
4 Pengurusan Perosak & Penyakit Mei – Julai 2020 Sept – Nov 2020
5 Kempen Kawalan Rumpai (Sambau  dan Padi Angin) Feb – April 2020 Julai – Sept 2020

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