On March 27, 1982 equal to 2 Jumada II, has held the foundation stone laying MADA headquarters complex that perfected by the Prime Minister, the Honourable Dato ‘Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.

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Placing the foundation stone has become the symbol of the sacrifices and contributions of farmers in Kedah Darulaman to the needs of the country’s rice. It also became a symbol of pride gigh results of operations and cooperation between farmers and the entire staff for the success of MADA twice a year for more than 46 years ago.

logoThis emblem was approved by the Board on August 17, 1972. Blue is the color of water (irrigation). Hills and dams indicate the source. Blue represents the beginning of development activities. Yellow is the color of cooked rice. Yellow represents the ultimate goal of development. Listing both blue and yellow color symbolizes the merger of the Irrigation and Agriculture Division became a Board to achieve social and economic development in Muda area. Machinery trade show farmers that need to be modernized to achieve that goal. Within the grains on either side of the word MADA represents the primary responsibility of the Board in the development of agriculture in achieving increased food production for the needs of the country.

imej1Tun Hj. Abdul Razak Husin as the Acting Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Director of Operations in a ceremony at the Great Hall of the building, Alor Setar, Kedah.

Also present at the opening of this among others is Y.A.B Dato ‘Syed Ahmad Syahabuddin Al-Haj (Menteri Besar), Y.A.B Datuk Sheikh Ahmad B. Hashim (Menteri Besar), the Honourable Mr. Ghazali B. Hj Rawi (Minister of Agriculture and Co-operative) and the Honourable Tan Sri Abdul Kadir B. Yusoff (Attorney General). MADA Establishment was approved by Parliament under Act 70, Muda Agricultural Development Authority Act, 1972.

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