imej5To achieve the ambitions embodied in the establishment of such an opening speech by the late Tun Abdul Razak, MADA organizational structure has been developed to incorporate the important role of the various departments that are directly attributable to the implementation of the Muda Irrigation Scheme. Drainage and Irrigation Department and the Department of Agriculture in the area of each is absorbed into the Engineering Division and the Division of Agriculture MADA MADA.

Through this merger engineering services, agricultural and movement Farmers Association has been coordinated under one strong organization as has been confirmed by the first General Manager of MADA, Encik Mohd Tamin B. Yeop in brief opening of the inaugural meeting of the Board Members Director of MADA in Telok Chengai, Alor Setar on July 8, 1970.

An area of 43 acres in Ampang Tidal Flat, West Curling, Alor Setar has now been established with strong and majestic, and it’s called Muda Agricultural Development Authority. It made MADA Headquarters complex area like yng shown in the Layout Plan.

ibupejabatConcurrent with the exchange office of the Project to the Muda Agricultural Development Authority on 30 June 1970, while the Office of the building project in Telok Chengai made of wood that has been the headquarters of MADA. It houses the Office of the General Manager, Office Administration and Office of the Chief Division of Agriculture.

Offices (except Office of the Chief Division of Agriculture has moved to a building while others in Ampang Align) still use the old temporary building to this day after 46 years MADA was founded. Office of the Chief Engineering Division MADA was a wanderer and subsequently took over the heritage of the building while the Project Director’s Office in Jalan Muda Irrigation Scheme Violation. The rank officials of the most important parts of being away and faced congestion office space it has created difficulties in implementing development programs and operations.

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