Before June 30, 1970, the Muda Irrigation Scheme was placed under the Office of the Project operated from Kuala Lumpur. Execution of construction works and physical infrastructure pilot projects is the responsibility of the Department of Drainage and Irrigation. Department of Agriculture with its main power has carried out activities and intensive development provides farmers to enter into a new era in the company’s plant paddy twice a year. The Department of Agriculture has also paved the way for the establishment of the Association of Farmers movement.imej6

Dated June 30, 1970 is a symbol of a major turning point in the history of the Muda Irrigation Scheme. On that day the Office of the Project was officially converted into an authority under the law is now known as MADA.

As early as the establishment, MADA has only seven employees base consists of a general manager, an administrator, an engineer, an economist, a senior clerk, an Office Server, and a Labour Workers. Dependence on both the Agriculture Department and the Drainage and Irrigation Department had continued while the lending process and the process of staffing has just performed. Now the number of employees in all groups and layers have been greatly improved, totaling more than 1850 people. The duties and responsibilities have also been expanded significantly to meet its goal of raising the standard of living of farmers in the Muda area and favored the production of food for the needs of the country.

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