Management Services Division is one of the 10 sections in the organization MADA. It is an important entity in managing matters related to administration, finance and accounting and human resource management. This division is headed by the Director of Management Services, which reports directly to the General Manager of MADA. This section covers five branches :-

1. Human Resource Management Branch
2. Finance and Accounts Branch
3. Communication and Corporate Branch
4. Administration Branch
5. Internal Audit Branch

Become Part excellence through quality management systems.

Manage and provide the best support services to all citizens of MADA.

Ensure management and support services performed / rendered optimally to customers and “stakeholders” is based on the management system that efficiently and effectively according to the guidelines and procedures that have been set.

1. Human Resource Management Branch
–   Manage the filling and staffing services as well as update the service records of members.
–   Implement and evaluate competency program members.
–   Develop human capital with quality and integrity.

2. Finance and Accounts Branch
–   Manage the financial resources prudently in accordance with the instructions / procedures / circular.
–   To manage payments and receipts of the Board.
–   To manage the assets effectively.

3. Administration Branch
Manage services and administrative operations of the Board.
–   Preparing and ensuring a conducive office environment.
–   Manage and supervise maintenance work and Quarters Headquarters.

4. Communication and Corporate Branch
Streamline and coordinate special programs involving MADA specifically or generally.
–   Provide periodic publications and according to the current needs of MADA.
–   Provide public address and filming is complete and perfect for launching the MADA program.

5. Internal Audit Branch
Assist the Board achieve its objectives through a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of controls and governance processes.
–   Conduct audit includes examining the financial management of the financial system, control of documents and financial records to determine whether expenses, revenues, assets and stores are managed according to the laws, regulations and directives related.
–   Carry out a performance audit includes assessing the activities of the Board to decide on the outcome has been achieved and resources are used wisely, efficiently and effectively.

Human Resource Management Branch
Human Resources provides related services in the following periods as :-
Filling Positions – 2 months from the date of advertisement
–   Application services facilities – 14 working days
–   Processing acting and promotion – 30 working days.
–   Paper and the entry confirmation in the post office pension – 2 months
–   Complete documentation of pension members and sent to the PSD – 3 months prior to the date of the pension.
–   Examination services – 2 times a year
–   Competency Level Assessment – 3 times a year
–   The presence of each member of the course – 7 days per year
–   Updating the service record book – 14 working days

Finance and Accounts Branch
Process payments within 14 days
–   Making salaries of members according to the schedule set
–   Processing vehicle loans, housing and computer in 5 days

Administration Branch
–   Responding to correspondence within 3 days
–   Always update and monitor the movement of files
–   Complete building service complaint within 5 days
–   Ensuring security officials at all times.

Corporate Communications Branch
–   We promise to convey information accurately, quickly and effectively to citizens and farmers MADA.
–   Approval of the use of the hall, a meeting room within 24 hours.
–   Responding to a letter of complaint from a customer within 3 working days.
–   To provide feedback about visit of the external@internal within 3 working days.
–   Print and distribute planting schedule and update the schedule board of rice a week after the decision by the committee issued irrigation.

Internal Audit Branch
Improving financial management and performance levels according to the laws, regulations and procedures.
–   Submit audit reports to an independent, objective and timely manner.
–   Providing Audit Annual Report before the end of March next year.