Facilities provided

MUDA Resort is a full MADA property located 75 km from the city of Alor Star. It was built in an area of 80 acres surrounded by lush forest and fruit trees. The distance from the Muda Dam is 2 km.


If you choose to visit MUDA Resort, you have the option of staying in chalets, hostel or guest house in the area.

Before the existence of the Resort, this area is the Muda Dam Engineering Office and Training Center MADA. The buildings existing behind by those who carry out the construction work Muda Dam. Most of the buildings were old and dilapidated. Given the structure of the buildings still intact and unique, the idea to convert these buildings to be used as a resort. Construction work done in stages. The surrounding area is planted with ornamental trees and various fruit trees.

After the operation successfully, the Tourism Ministry has been allocated to build a complex consisting of the Great Hall, Prayer, Cafeteria, Room secretariat and offices as well as 2 dormitories. Other facilities include a mini market, a coffee corner, an information center, the Bird Park and Deer Park.

The Muda Resort has provided employment to local people while helping indirectly the state authorities to promote rural Kedah as a tourist attraction. The response was overwhelming, especially during the school holidays or weekends and summer fruits.

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