The Farmers Institution Management Division established after the restructuring of the MADA organizational structure effective 16 March 2007 was given the responsibility to manage the activities of Agribusiness, Financial Control and Management of Farmers Institutions. This division is headed by the Director of the Farmers Institution Management Division which is responsible for the Deputy General Manager (Agriculture) of MADA.

This section covers 2 branches and 4 sections namely: –
i. Registrar Affairs Branch
• PPK Supervision and Legal Section
• Corporate Supervision Section
ii. Financial & Farming Business Supervision Branch
• Financial Supervision & Management Audit Section
• Agricultural Business Management Section

To develop the farmers’ institution as a competent, skilled and prosperous entity that is the pride of farmers in the MADA area.

• Enhancing agricultural input business activities as a major contributor to PPK income as well as the creation of a variety of other business activities.
• Increase PPK income through various service activities.
• Increase member shares, member savings, Farmers Unit savings as a source of internal working capital to PPK business activities and services other than external capital.
• Make the Farmers Unit as an entity that provides specialized services to PPK.
• Make a viable Agricultural Basic Cooperative as a PPK Member Unit that serves as a ‘complementory economy provider’ to the PPK.
• Make PPK as an income generator for farmers through dividend distribution of more than 10 percent per annum.
• Increase the use of accounting systems in Farmers’ Organizations more effectively.

• Increase the average agricultural input business income for each PPK to RM0.5 million by 2020.
• Coordinate the supply of agricultural inputs at competitive costs to reduce the cost of rice production by 10 percent.
• Creating a variety of PPK service activities with an increase in income between 10% – 20% every year.
• Increase the ownership and savings of farmers’ leaders at RM1,000.00 per person and ordinary members at an average of RM300.00 per person by 2020 as internal working capital for PPK business and services.
• Help increase PPK income to be able to provide dividends of more than 10% per annum.
• Move farmers’ units as service providers to PPK.
• Ensure that the PPK monthly account report is completed before the 10th of each month.


• Supervise and supervise the management and administration of 27 PPKs in the MADA area.
• Develop and develop member unit movements.
• Enforce all legal provisions involved in the Management of Farmers Institutions and ensure the full application of legal provisions.
• Expand the journey of Farmers Institutions, especially the PPK movement by increasing the full participation of Farmers in the MADA Area.
• Plan and supervise business activities to increase PPK income.
• Supervise and monitor the development and management of PPK subsidiaries.
• Supervise PPK business in the form of joint ventures of subsidiaries and sub-contract projects.
• Planning and supervising the investment and purchase of PPK fixed assets.
• Planning, development and monitoring of the PPK financial system.
• Be a facilitator in the financial advisory and management of the Fund.
• Detection and analysis of PPK projects.
• Supervise and ensure PPK complies with statutory and system requirements.
• Plan and oversee member credit and savings management.