Craft Production

This project was initiated through the allocation given by the EPU under Cross Border program to diversify the use of waste rice straw based.
This project instituted at year 2008 with cooperation of Forest Research Institute  Malaysia (FRIM) to study paper production suitability to be turned into handicraft products with objective boost use of agricultural left-overs especially chaff.
In the study end, FRIM had identified technology that suitable and made machine purchasing recommendation for paper production purpose based on straw.
To implementing this project commercially, MADA is developing a collection centre and sales of various handicraft products all over Kedah state and  also Agro-based Industry products.
This centre will be equipped with sales centre, demonstration centre and exhibition space to facilitate tourist and buyer that are potential to see more closely handicraft products produced by entrepreneurs in  Kawasan Muda.
This centre will also be furnished with demo workshop handicraft processing involve craft based on straw, screw pine, embroidery, iron and also wood design.
This centre expected will begin to operate in year 2012 in Pekan Pendang, Kedah.
Collection Centre Proposal And Craft Sales In Pekan Pendang, Kedah


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Handicraft Based On Straw

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Roadmaps Project Future

MADA handicraft products collection centre hoped become tourist’s attention in or overseas. This centre also is hoped can become ‘center business’ for agricultural products in Kedah State.
As Kedah is Jelapang Padi state, handicraft products based on chaff is among product that can be raised with Kraf identity Kedah State. Convergence should be given to this industry to create paper production centre commercially