Farm Road Network

A good farm road network represents an important element to complete the irrigation and drainage system. Farm road development projects have to be carried out continuously to ease delivery of inputs and farm products, movement of farm machinery and communication between the countryside and towns.

Farm road construction throughout the whole length of irrigation canals is done simultaneously with the construction of canals and drains. Soil dug from the construction of canals and drains is used to build the farm roads.

The Muda area has about 2,000 km of main and secondary farm roads. The farm roads in the Muda area are of three types as shown:



2 3

Crusher Run Farm Road Lateritic Farm Road Premixed Farm Road

There are still a high proportion of farm roads that are not so suitable. To overcome this problem, MADA has proposed in the 9th Malaysia Plan to construct a network of farm roads that are suitable, fully functional and safe to use even in bad weather conditions.