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Name : Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan MADA F-IV Sungai Limau Dalam
Address : Pusat Khidmat Tani MADA F-IV, Sungai Limau Dalam, 06910 Yan, Kedah.
Chairman : Dato’ Haji Ismail Bin Arshad
General Manager : Puan Shahroni Binti Haji Othman @ Abdullah
Number Of Members : 1,870 Member
Number of Farmers : 19 Unit Farmer
Share Capital : RM 563,117
Credit To Members : RM 522,094.23
Member savings : RM 53,416
Registration : 18 Februari 1982


  • Operating area PPK MADA F-IV Sungai Limau Dalam includes 3 Mukim namely Mukim Sala Besar, Mukim Tray and Mukim Sungai Daun with an area of 3,590.60 hectares where the land is covered by rice crop by 97%, while the rest are other plants by 3% ,
  • The main activity of the population in the area is controlled by the KDP rice and most of the residents in the area are farmers.
  • PPK MADA F-IV Sungai Limau Dalam has a total of 1,870 members, which is a percentage of 95.4% of Malays, 4.4% are members of the Chinese and the remaining 0.2% are members of other nations. Average share capital for experts in this KDP also is RM 301.20 per person.
  • PPK MADA F-IV Sungai Limau Dalam chaired by Dato ‘Haji Ismail bin Arshad. KDP is governed by line of efficient management under the leadership of Mrs. Shahroni Binti Haji Othman @ Abdullah. KDP also perform such major meetings of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, the General Meeting and the Management of the CO and other meetings involving Farmers Unit and members.
  • KDP run all 10 services to member farmers and the service is reached RM 6,323,431.
In 2011, the Program has implemented 12 projects which include projects for agriculture, non-agriculture and other agriculture. Total revenue KDP in 2011 amounted to RM 4,980,103 which includes movement and non-movement earnings as follows:
  • Agricultural contract work
    This project is the primary care provider with revenues of $ 752.973 per year. The number of workers involved is a total of 5 people.
  • Paddy Estate
    This project contributed revenues of £ 1,898,855 per annum. This project involves a land area of 261 hectares with a total of 20 employees.
  • Transportation Services
    KDP run transport services with revenues of RM 290.907 per year.
  • Fertilizers Distribution
    Employees involved in the distribution of fertilizer is project of 12 people. Revenue for this project is RM 238.039 per year.
  • Processing straw
    A total of 1,410 block is produced per year with revenues of £ 146.622. Employees involved were 5 people.
  • Seed farm
    Covering an area of 16.7 hectare seed farm run by the KDP with an income of £ 127.899 per year involving 17 workers.
  • Battle breeding
    PPK has a total of 40 cows with an income of RM 84.062 per year.
  • Supply farm / agricultural input with an income of RM 83.255 per year.
  • Machinery and mechanization
    PPK manage the work contract farming through 13 pieces of machinery that generates revenues of RM 66.259 per year.
  • Vinegar production
    A total of 7.214 liters produced annually for the production of vinegar with an income of RM 43,288 per year.
  • Vegetable fertigation with an income of RM 7,566
  • Vermicompost with an income of RM 4,863
  • And includes revenue non movement of RM 1,232,515
During 2011, the Program has managed to create a total of 56 entrepreneurs among member farmers in crop, livestock, aquaculture and processing.
1. Nipah Vinegar Processing Equipment
  • Conversion From barrel ordinary filter system or Ultra filtration.
  • Ultra filtration system is a filtration system to filter the vinegar commander of dross or impurities. The system can also use a filter to clear vinegar bogs and mambran the smallest of 0.001 micron.
2.Fire extinguishing Equipment
  • Renovation of oil tanks that have been used to the water tank as a safety measure in case of fire in the barn or other premises.
  • Originally, the tank is a tank of diesel oil which is no longer used. Officials have modified the tank to be used in the barn and other premises as fire extinguishers.
3. Transporting equipment Cow Grass Projects
  • Modifiy old plow into grass carrying machines.
  • Modifications made is to crank the engine starter, the addition of the battery to start the engine and the addition of a trailer.
  • At home it is a two-wheel tractor that has been damaged. KDP officials had with the initiative to repair and renovate the tractor 2 wheel carriers as livestock in a cattle farm grass PPK.
4. Tractor Trek
  • Originally a four-wheel tractor that has been modified by substituting rubber tires to iron (traks).
  • Modifications had to be made because the rubber tires are no longer appropriate in some soil from land Quicksand. With these modifications have been able to overcome the problem of piracy on the ground.
  • During 2011, a total of 1,870 members have benefited the KDP has issued an expenditure of RM 92.246 which is 24% of Funds Funds to finance welfare experts.
  • KDP also provide courses and training, to marketing experts, funding and assistance to members and savings to members.
PPK has received the following awards :
  • Johan (New Products – Vinegar Nipah) in conjunction with the Competition Hasil2 Agriculture SUPREME INTERNATIONAL & HPPNK 2010.
  • Johan in the Health Showcase One District One Industry (SDSI) Kedah
  • Increasing knowledge and skills of farmers to a higher level.
  • Creating a recreational area with dining (food court)
  • Identify new sources of potential members of the units to be developed as a project for one unit
  • Organize and mobilize active members.
  • Organizing and developing members to become entrepreneurs in various fields.
  • A joint venture with entrepreneurs in the region and outside the region in various fields