Ministry Of Agriculture Ready To Face Possibility Of Hot Weather And Dry


KUALA LUMPUR, 16 Feb (Bernama) — Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry (MOA) prepared to face the possibility of summer and dry that can be inimical country’s agriculture sector.

The Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said his ministry will hold Drainage and Irrigation Department’s party joint discussion for that matter.

“We will be ready in ministry level and discuss with JPS because the matter involve drainage system management,” the word to reporters after chairing Mesyuarat Tahunan Bersama Exco-Exco Pertanian State, here on Monday.

Hot weather and prolonged dry expected to hit country towards Mei’s end.

In other development, Ismail Sabri said all state governments had agreed to provide additional land to develop agriculture permanent crop area.

The word the additional land will be allotted not only to fruit planting project but to carrying out livestock activity, fishery and so on.

“Ministry’s main focus by this year is agricultural product production addition and we fix KPI (key performance indicator) every department like Agriculture Department to increase production of 10 percent compared to last year,” he said.

He said government also is make effort to reduce imports agricultural product into the country by encouraging rural farmer increasing local agricultural products manufacture.

“We find out many that can be carried out alone without reliance to external product for example chilli, over 90 percentage of chilli imported from outside, whereas chilli not a plant difficult to be planted in this country,” he said.

Commenting on the meeting he said main focus this year is request the state government to submit allocate proposal agricultural development project to Malaysia Plan 11th (RMK11).

“All state requested prepare RMK11 allocation proposal for agricultural project and development in each state before closing date on 31 March,” he said.


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