Seri Mahawangsa Boathouse Privileges

image_gallery (8)Peace along with the Seri Mahawangsa Pedu Lake Boathouse promises a very special experience to the residents who have stayed there.

Seri Mahawangsa Boathouse merupakan rumah terapung di Tasik Pedu yang boleh menampung kapasiti sehingga 15 orang dalam satu masa dan dilengkapi dengan pelbagai kemudajan seperti elektrik (generator), bilik tidur, dapur, bilik mandi serta ruang santai.

Seri Mahawangsa Boathouse is a houseboat on Lake Pedu which can accommodate up to 15 people at one time and is equipped with various facilities such as electricity (generator), bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and lounge.

Seri Mahawangsa Boathouse owner, Mr. Amir bin Wahab said, his goal  build up this boat house is because his love to the environment in that area and shared with the public.

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He added that tourists can stay in the houseboats with various packages provided at costs RM 450 for two days and one night. Many tourists staying at the Seri Mahawangsa Boathouse tourists comes from Malaysia, Japan, USA and Korea.

In addition, he said the residents in the houseboats will also enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as fishing and can also experience the water by soak their feet in the Pedu Lake houseboat while moving.

In addition, the concept of the Seri Mahawangsa Boathouse is a family concept where family members can gather together to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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