MADA Treasure Hunt 2013

image_gallery (17)MADA Treasure Hunt 2013 been released by Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahim bin Saleh t 8.30 am, 13 September 2013 at Ibu Pejabat MADA

About 216 participants with 54 cars participating in this competition.

The participants  are from various agencies and departments, such as MARDI, LKIM, Pejabat Kesihatan, Lembaga Perindustrian Nanas Malaysia, KOTANI Kuala Lumpur and MADA itself.

image_gallery (18)The participants start the expedition to find the treasure from MADA Headquarters and will cover part of MADA.

A total of RM15,000 was provided as competition prizes.

MADA Treasure Hunt is a dwi-event organized by the MADA Club intended as a recreational activities for members to raise funds  for MADA club.