Mantee Mentor Programme Special Briefing Poverty-eradication Programme (24 May 2010)

Special briefing mentoring program MANTEE Poverty Eradication Programme

DATE: 24 MEI 2010

Poverty eradication program has become an important agenda at the national level with the target set by the government is 0% poor and hardcore poor by 2.8% at the end of 2010. In line with the interests of the agenda is the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry (MOA) has written ‘The Target Income Increase the Hardcore Poor, Poor and Low Income as a KPI. Hon. Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry which was introduced in 2009. Income poverty line set by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) is RM 430 for the hardcore poor category and RM 720 for the category of poor.

In 2010, The Parliament is set to MADA Jerlun, Kubang Pasu, Arau and Kangar for the purpose of implementing this program. However, the implementation of assistance programs will also be conducted by MADA in other areas of Parliament. For the purpose of strengthening the mechanism for implementing this program, the MADA approach ‘Mentor Mantee’ in which the General Household (headed household) poor and needy in the Muda area, particularly for productive category (aged 65 years and under) will be supervised by officers Mentor appointed consisting of Agricultural Assistant, Technician, Operator and Operator Alator lines. The Mentor will be headed by a Chief Mentor of Assistant Agriculture Agro-based Industries (IAT) for each locality. Mentor Mantee care ratio of the area Young is a Mentor: 4-5 Mantee.

The purpose of Program:

  • Submit a letter of appointment as Chief Mentor and Mentor to assist the poor and hardcore poor participants in the Young area. Appointment letter submitted by Y. Bhg Dato ‘General Manager MADA.
  • Provide information to officers about the roles and responsibilities of mentor them on mantee which involves the identification of trends and interest in carrying out economic projects among mantee and monitoring of mantee after assistance has been provided. Officers are also responsible for the mentor to provide advice and guidance to these groups to help them improve lives and free themselves from poverty.
  • The program was attended by a total of 188 officers, comprising;


Main The                    Present Number (People)

Chief Mentor             22
Mentor                      166
Total                          188