MOA Minister Deputy Visit to Pedu Dam and Muda Dam (27 February 2010)

Visit YB Dato ‘Wira Mohd Johari bin Baharum
Deputy Minister of Agriculture & Agro-based Industry
to Pedu and Muda Dam

February 27, 2010

Recently, the Honorable Deputy Minister of Agriculture & Agro-based Industry has spent time with the media to visit the Pedu and Muda Dam to see for himself the degree of water retention in both the dam. The visit aims to explain to the media that the water in both dams are currently at 85% are able to meet the water needs for the next two cycles if the weather continues hot and dry. This issue has arisen as a result in sensation of pictures and news in local newspapers showing some dry rice cultivation and the lack of water. The situation is worrying many parties and MADA with the Honorable Deputy Minister has the field to explain the true position to the media.

The visit commenced with a briefing on the three dams of Pedu, Muda and Ahning presented by Mr. Hor Tek Lip, Director of Dams and Water Resources Management at the Office Technician Pedu Dam. It was followed by a question and answer session with the media. Upon conclusion of this briefing, it was followed by a tour around Lake Pedu by boat. Opportunities for boating around Lake Pedu review can convince the media that the water is in a comfortable and can irrigate Area Youth for the next planting season.

Finish review Pedu Lake, a group brought to the Young Resort via the Trans Eastern Kedah Interland Highway under construction in order to enjoy lunch. The lunch menu is served more interesting when grilled venison and deer bone soup into a group focused menu.

Finished meal, the group was brought to the dam to see for himself the degree of water in the dam reservoir Young. Delegation had the opportunity to enter the Access Gallery to see the operation of the dam where the dam safety monitoring activities and maintenance of the dam is done here.

The visit ended in the field porch Dam Young and the opportunity to succeed a new perspective to the media that the water in the two visited the dam to meet water requirements needed by the farmers in the Muda Are