MADA General Manager Message Ceremony Year 2010 (14 January 2010)

Mandate of the Council General Manager in 2010 MADA

January 14, 2010

To celebrate the new year 2010, a Council mandate MADA General Manager in 2010 was held at the House of Syed Nahar, MADA Headquarters, Ampang Align. Mandate of the Council is the first event this year which raised a total of 500 representative members of MADA who served in the Muda area to hear the speech delivered by General Manager of MADA.

Since the hours of 8:00 am, members of MADA was meeting hall before the ceremony started exactly at 9.00 am. MADA General Manager, Y. Bhg. Dato ‘Hj. Abdul Rahim bin Saleh arrived accompanied by Deputy General Manager and Division Directors and the ceremony continued with singing the National Anthem, the National Agricultural Policy and a Malaysian. To bless the occasion, Mr. Alias bin Said, Information Technology Officer of the Department of Planning and Information Technology has led the prayers. The ceremony proceeded with a multimedia presentation MADA Performance Review in 2009 which shows the activities, programs and successes achieved by the year 2009 MADA sound stored in the history of MADA.

The highlight of the morning continued with a keynote address MADA General Manager, Y. Bhg. Dato ‘Hj. Abdul Rahim bin Saleh. MADA members were informed that in 2009 a successful year for MADA, and MADA members are asked to strengthen efforts to the achievement of previous years can be upgraded to a better level. This year is the implementation of the planned targets in 2009. Therefore, all members of MADA asked to double our efforts to ensure Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which was planned to be fully implemented. Dato ‘General Manager of MADA was to emphasize to the MADA main focus for this year which is to increase farmers’ income and increase revenue centers.

Upon completion of a speech by Dato ‘General Manager of MADA, the council proceeded with the presentation of ISO 9001 Certificate of Award: 2008 The Dam and Water Resources Management and the award for Best Beverage category gained while holding the program One District One Industry in Malacca recently.